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Do you want a Representative who shares your values? 

* Cares about veterans, children, and those with special needs 

* Fights for freedom of speech and fair access 

* Is more concerned with values and responsibility than status 

* Believes in equal and fair justice and opportunity for all Vermonters  

Heather Juliussen-Stevenson is running to give Rutland 5-1 a representative who shares her values and advocates for her community: For the veterans, the elderly and the children; for the people with disabilities, the people of color, aspiring Vermonters, and the people working two jobs who still can’t afford health benefits; and for the people who want to live in a community that cares for everyone.   

Our Rutland cares!

About Heather

As a 40-year-old Rutland City resident, Heather is making the most of her background in history and her experience as a former manager of an Information Office for the National Institutes of Health by tutoring in Manchester on a wide variety of subjects, from the Ancient Mediterranean and Sociology to Biology and French. In addition to caring for her aging father, Heather devotes herself to work in the community, acting as Secretary for the Rutland County Democrats and a liaison for the Rutland County Progressives, co-leading Castleton Indivisible, collaborating with diverse area associations, and organizing community events such as April 2017’s Rutland Science March.

As the daughter of two veterans, Heather knows firsthand the demands placed on the families of those who serve. She also knows the emotional and physical toll paid by caregivers, being one of her disabled-retired father’s primary caregivers. Heather has a deep appreciation for the challenges surrounding the healthcare crisis, having served as the manager of an Information Office subcontracting for the National Institutes of Health. Wading her way through the intricacies of government regulations to build systems ensuring efficient and accurate public health reporting, Heather never lost sight of the human-factor, making sure that her staff received the support and mentoring that they needed.

Heather’s passion for learning and education then prompted a career change, and she earned a PhD in Ancient Mediterranean History, with a specialization in Roman Egypt. Looking to the past, she sees many lessons for today, and recognizes the need for a historically-grounded understanding to resolve the troubles facing Vermonters today. Heather is now using her degree and life experience to help students overcome challenges both in and outside of the classroom. A proactive, results-oriented instructor, Heather enjoys presenting students with problem-solving scenarios, asking them what they would do were they faced with particular challenges from our past.

In running for office, Heather is putting her lessons about accountability into action; instead of asking “What would you do?” she is saying “This is what I’m doing.” She is running to ensure that her father and others like him receive the best possible care, to champion diversity, to ensure that children have a healthy and safe environment, to protect equal opportunities for learning and success, and to uplift the voices of those who all too often go unheard in our democracy.

Heather lives in Rutland City with her father and brother. She enjoys writing, collecting books about book collecting, and hiking.


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